17-20 MARCH 2021


We’d like to invite all stamp collectors and philatelists to consider exhibiting at IPEX (Cape Town) in March of 2021. Under the patronage of the F.I.P. Take advantage of this opportunity to visit Cape Town and South Africa. Exhibitor information and entry forms will soon be posted below.



Aerophilately Open Revenue
Literature Postal History Thematic
Modern Postal Stationery Traditional

Also: Picture Postcards and One Frame

Fees: Multi frame exhibits – $65.00 per frame; Single-frame exhibit – $80.00; Literature – $30.00.

Picnic in Kirstenbosch

Find your Commissioner

We will begin posting the country commissioners in the next few days. In the meantime, if you want to know who your commissioner is, please contact our Head Commissioner: Emil Minnaar (emil@minnaar.org)

John Moore – Australia

Commissioner: John Moore Region: Australia Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Lars Jørgensen – Belgium

Commissioner: Lars Jørgensen Region: Belgium Email: lars.jorgensen.fs at gmail.com Telephone: +32 0473 23 75 80 {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Sergey Gevlich – Belarus

Commissioner: Sergey Gevlich Region: Belarus Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Sergey Evtushenko – Russia

Commissioner: Sergey Evtushenko Region: Russia Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Rishi Kumar Tulsyan – Nepal

Commissioner: Rishi Kumar Tulsyan Region: Nepal Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Hussain R. Al-Ismail – Qatar

Commissioner: Hussain R. Al-Ismail Region: Qatar Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Fredrik Ydell – Sweden

Commissioner: Fredrik Ydell Region:  Sweden Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Cristian Mouat – Chile

Commissioner: Cristian Mouat Region: Chile Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Chang-Han KIM – Republic of Korea

Commissioner: Chang-Han KIM Region: Republic of Korea Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Andrée Trommer-Schiltz – Luxembourg

Commissioner: Andrée Trommer-Schiltz Region:  Luxembourg Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Akis Christou – Cyprus

Commissioner: Akis Christou Region: Cyprus Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Hatim al Attar – Oman

Commissioner: Hatim al Attar Region: Oman Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3A%2523%7C%7C%7C }}

Jan Huys – Liechtenstein

Commissioner: Jan Huys Region: Liechtenstein Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Vit Vaníček- Czech Republic

Commissioner: Vit Vaníček Region: Czech Republic Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Sinisha Pavleski – North Macedonia

Commissioner: Sinisha Pavleski Region: North Macedonia Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Shakil Ahmed – India

Commissioner: Shakil Ahmed Region: India Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Seija-Riitta Laakso – Finland

Commissioner: Seija-Riitta Laakso Region: Finland Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Sandeep Jaiswal – USA

Commissioner: Sandeep Jaiswal Region: USA Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Omar Mohammad Ahmad – UAE

Commissioner: Omar Mohammad Ahmad Region: UAE Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Massoud Farahbakhsh – Iran

Commissioner: Massoud Farahbakhsh Region: Iran Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Walter Bernatek – Germany

Commissioner: Walter Bernatek Region: Germany Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Jose Gomez-Agüero – Spain

Commissioner: Jose Gomez-Agüero Region: Spain Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Jean Voruz – Monaco

Commissioner: Jean Voruz Region: Monaco Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Jon Aitchison – UK

Commissioner: Jon Aitchison Region: UK Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Igor Pirc – Slovenia

Commissioner: Igor Pirc Region: Slovenia Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Ebbe Eldrup – Denmark

Commissioner: Ebbe Eldrup Region: Denmark Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Dmitry Frenkel – Ukraine

Commissioner: Dmitry Frenkel Region: Ukraine Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Desarmeni Claude – France

Commissioner: Desarmeni Claude Region: France Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

David McLaughlin – Canada

Commissioner: David McLaughlin Region: Canada Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

David Loe – New Zealand

Commissioner: David Loe Region: New Zealand Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Ali Alrais – Kuwait

Commissioner: Ali Alrais Region: Kuwait Email: Telephone: {{ vc_btn:title=Back+to+Commissioners+list&i_icon_fontawesome=fa+fa-angle-left&add_icon=true&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fcapetown2021.org%252Fexhibitors%252F%2523find%7C%7C%7C }}

Picnic in Kirstenbosch


Download Exhibition Entry forms here: Cape Town 2021 Entry

Download the Literature Information form here: Cape Town 2021 Literature Information

F.I.P. judging criteria

You can find F.I.P. rules and judging criteria HERE.

IREX Agreement

Watch this space

Regulations (IREX)
Cape Town 2021 International Philatelic Exhibition

1. Objectives of the Exhibition:
  • To introduce our cultural heritage to all the people in South Africa using postal material and historical documents as medium
  • To promote social harmony via the main theme “The road to democracy”
2. Location and Date

2.1 The exhibition Cape Town 2021 (IPEX2021) is an international stamp exhibition in Cape Town and will run from 17 – 20 March 2021.
2.2 It will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town 8001, South Africa.

3. Organisation, Patronage and Coordinator

3.1 Cape Town 2021 will be an FIP Specialised World Stamp Championship Exhibition under the patronage of Federation Internationale de Philatelie (FIP) in accordance with the FIP Statutes. It was granted patronage by the FIP at its Congress in Bangkok on 2 December 2018
3.2 Mr Bernard Beston has been appointed as the FIP consultant.

4. Regulations

4.1 Cape Town 2021 will be governed by:

  • The General Regulations of the FIP for Exhibitions (GREX).
  • The General Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (GREV).
  • The Special Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (SREV).
  • The Supplementary Rules for the Philatelic Literature in FIP Exhibitions.
  • Individual Regulations (IREX) for Cape Town 2021 International Philatelic Exhibition.

Detail Regulations can be found on the FIP website f-i-p.ch.

5. Conditions of Participation and Entry

5.1 The Regulations governing the conditions of participation and entry of exhibitions are stated in Articles 9-19 of the GREX.
5.2 Participation is open to all collectors in the competitive classes who are members of societies affiliated to member federations of FIP.
5.3 Entrants in the competitive classes must have been awarded a minimum of a vermeil medal (75 points or more) for their exhibits at an exhibition of national level. If there is no appropriate national exhibition, the entry form must be accompanied by a written statement from the National Commissioner confirming the quality of the exhibit.
5.4 The entrant must be the owner of the exhibit displayed which will be listed under the exhibitor’s name, or a pseudonym, in the official programme. The exhibit must have been the property of the entrant for at least two years and, if purchased as a collection, extensively revised in order to qualify for the exhibition.
5.5 Entrant may display their collection under a pseudonym provided their name and membership in any appropriate philatelic society are made known to the National Commissioner and to the Organisers who are then authorised to communicate such information to the jury.
5.6 Exhibitors shall submit directly to their respective National Commissioner, their entry forms, which must be accompanied by an introductory title page. Exhibitors are encouraged to provide a synopsis of the exhibit, in one of the FIP languages, only concise synopsis will be circulated to the Jury.
5.7 They must then be sent by the National Commissioner to the Commissioner General electronically. Those exhibitors living in countries where no National Commissioner has been appointed should apply directly to the organising committee of Cape Town 2021 through their National Federations.
5.8 Entry forms must be received by the National Commissioners no later than 15 August 2020
5.9 National commissioners must submit the entry forms to the Commissioner General to arrive no later than 20 August 2020.
5.10 Applications for Literature Classes can be made until 30 October 2020 if there are exceptional circumstances. National Commissioners must forward these to the Commissioner General by 10 November 2020.
5.11 The Organisers reserve the right to refuse to accept any application or to reject any exhibit in whole or in part without assigning any reason for rejection.
5.12 Data provided will be used by Cape Town 2021 for the purpose of organising the exhibition and will be stored and transmitted electronically, as well as in paper form. Submitting an application signifies the exhibitor’s agreement to this. No data will be passed to third parties for any purpose other that retention for exhibition records by the FIP and may be used to provide the exhibitor with information about future exhibitions.
5.13 The Title Page (and Synopsis if provided) of each exhibit will be placed on the Cape Town 2021 website. Submitting an application signifies the exhibitor’s agreement to this.

6. Notification of Acceptance

6.1 Notification of application acceptance or non-acceptance by the Organisers, together with the number of frames allocated to each accepted exhibit, will be sent to the National Commissioners or National Federation where applicable before 30 September 2020.
6.2 The decision of the Organisers is final. No correspondence can be entered into directly with applicants.
6.3 Exhibitors cannot withdraw without valid reasons once participation has been accepted by the Organising Committee.
6.4 National Commissioners should confirm entries accepted by no later than 15 October 2020.
6.5 The entrant may revise the introductory sheet receiving notification of acceptance, but the class or concept of the exhibit may not be changed. Although every effort will be made to send revised pages to the jury prior to the show, only those received prior to 15 November can be guaranteed to be circulated.

7. Entry Fees
Per Frame
Multi Frame Competitive Classes $65.00
One Frame Competitive Classes $80.00
Literature Class (Per Entry) $30.00

7.1 Entry fees are not refundable.
7.2 Invoices for Frame fees will be sent by the Commissioner General to National Commissioners with the list of accepted entries. Payment must be made within 30 days of the invoice sent. Transaction cost will be for the account of the exhibitors.
7.3 All fees are quoted in United States Dollar ($).

8. Classification of Exhibits

8.1 The Jury reserves the right to reassign incorrectly or ambiguously described entries. No exhibit may be entered in more than one class.
8.2 Entries accepted will be listed in the Official Exhibition Catalogue under its given title as received by Organising Committee.

9. Exhibition Classes

9.1 The Competitive Classes will be:

  • Class 1 Traditional Philately
    1A Southern Africa –(National Class)
    Including Basutoland, the Bechuanaland’s/Botswana, the Rhodesia’s/Zimbabwe and Zambia , South West Africa/Namibia and Swaziland .
    1B Rest of World
  • Class 2 Postal History
    2A Southern Africa – (National Class)
    Including Basutoland, the Bechuanaland’s/Botswana,the Rhodesia’s/Zimbabwe and Zambia , South West Africa/Namibia and Swaziland
    2B Rest of World
  • Class 3 Aero philately
  • Class 4 Revenue
  • Class 5 Postal Stationary
  • Class 6 Thematic Philately
  • Class 7 Open Philately
  • Class 8 One Frame
  • Class 9 Picture Postcards
  • Class 10 Philatelic Literature
    An information form must be provided for each literature exhibit
    10A Printed Philatelic books, pamphlets and studies – issued after 1 January 2017
    10B Philatelic Journals and Periodicals – issued after 10 January 2020
    10C Printed Catalogues – issued after 1 January 2019
    10D digital literature including books, websites and software
    (final judging criteria to be confirmed and communicated by 30 November 2020)
  • Class 11 Modern
    Exhibits should predominately contain material that has been issued in the 20 years prior to the exhibition. Acceptance will be at the discretion of the Organising committee in consultation with National Commissioners
Sizes and Allotment of Frames

9.2 Frames will have the capacity for 16 sheets not exceeding 31 cm tall by 24,5 cm wide, (measured to the edges of the transparent protector) in four rows of four (4X4).
9.3 The sheet width can be greater so long as the total width of the sheet(s) on each row does not exceed 990 mm.
9.4 If the entire exhibit does not fit within the frames allocated, the portion beyond the allocated frames usually would neither be exhibited nor judged. The Organisers will not be responsible for such materials.

10. Frame Allocation

10.1 Exhibitors will be allocated frames uniformly, as per article 6.4 of the GREX.

  • 5 frames which have received a Vermeil or higher at National level and are first time exhibits
  • 5 frames for those exhibits which have received a Vermeil or lower award previously at an FIP or other Federation recognised exhibition
  • 8 frames for exhibits which have received previously an FIP or recognised Federation Large Vermeil medal or higher. Consideration will be given to specific written request to retain less than eight frames for exhibits which have previously received an FIP or recognised Federation Large Vermeil medal.
  • 1 frame for those exhibits which have qualified at National level.
11. Exhibit Presentation

11.1 Exhibits must be mounted on white or light-coloured pages and each sheet must be placed in a transparent protective cover. No exhibit mounted on black or dark coloured pages will be accepted.
11.2 The sheets should be numbered consecutively at the front bottom right hand corner.
11.3 Expert Certificates must be placed at the disposal of the Jury by inserting the original or photo copy in the protector behind the appropriate page.
11.4 The front of each page containing an Expert Certification of Certificates should show the letter “e” to denote that an Expert Certificate is available. No other information is required.

12. Delivery and Return of Exhibits

12.1 Exhibit forms together with exhibitor information will be e-mailed to each exhibitor through the National Commissioner.
12.2 Exhibits can only be accepted if delivered by the National Commissioner to the exhibition venue at a date and time to be agreed with the Organisers. Where no National Commissioner has been appointed, individual arrangements must be made directly with the Organisers.
12.3 Custom Clearance
(a) The Organisers will provide customs clearance documentation and transport facilities for National commissioners travelling into Cape Town International Airport. Other entry than via Cape Town International need to be cleared directly with the organising committee.
12.4 Any National Commissioner arranging transport by airfreight must make his/her own arrangements for customs clearance and delivery to the Exhibition.
12.5 No entries will be accepted through the mail except for the literature class. Entries by courier will only be accepted by prior arrangement if there is no National Commissioner is appointed.

13. Customs and Excise

13.1 The Organisers will make all reasonable efforts to devise a simplified procedure for exhibits entering South Africa as specified by Customs and Excise. Details of the entry procedure and requirements will be notified to all exhibitors through the National Commissioner.

14. Mounting and Dismounting of Exhibits

14.1 National Commissioners will be responsible for mounting and dismounting their exhibits with the assistance of a representative of the Organising Committee.
14.2 All exhibits must be delivered to the bin room prior to the opening of the Exhibition, at a date and time to be agreed with the Organisers.

15. Philatelic Literature Exhibits

15.1 Exhibitors must send two copies of each title or volume, which will not be returned. The copy will be on display in a philatelic reading area throughout the duration of the Exhibition.
15.2 The Organisers require Philatelic Literature exhibits to be received no later than 1 February 2021 in order that preliminary judging may take place.
15.3 The address to which Philatelic Literature exhibits must be sent will be advised to National Commissioners nearer the date of the exhibition.

16. Insurance and Security

16.1 Exhibitors are advised that they must secure appropriate insurance for their exhibits. The Organisers are not responsible for such insurance. The Organisers will not be liable for any loss of, or damage to, any exhibit, in whole or in part, howsoever caused.
16.2 The Organisers will take reasonable precautions to ensure the security and safety of all exhibits while in their possession. A security company will be appointed to man the show.

17. Awards

17.1 The Jury will allocate awards and special prized in accordance with Article 8 of the GREX.
17.2 Two Grand Prizes: The Grand Prix International and Grand Prix National will be awarded.
17.3 Donated prizes will be accepted at the discretion of the Organisers.
17.4 Donated prizes, which have been accepted by the Organisers, will be placed at the disposal of the Jury. Any particular wish expressed by a donor will, if possible, be observed in making rewards.

18. Amendment and Regulations

18.1 The Organisers reserve the right to amend these Regulations at any time, including the alteration of groupings and classifications if necessary, in consultation with the FIP consultant.
18.2 Except for Jury decisions, the decision of the Organisers shall be final on all matters arising in connection with the exhibition.

19. Liability

19.1 The Organisers, their paid and unpaid volunteers and employees, accept no liability for any loss or injury suffered by the public and exhibitors arising or indirectly from any cause whatsoever as a result of entering this competition.
19.2 The FIP, FIAP, the National Federations, their National Commissioners, the Jury and any other voluntary personnel, accept no liability for any loss or injury suffered by the public and exhibitors arising directly or indirectly as a result of entering this competition.
19.3 The laws of South Africa shall govern interpretation of these regulations and any legal cases arising shall be settled within the jurisdiction of the courts of South Africa.
19.4 In the event of any discrepancies in the text arising from translation, the English language text shall prevail.

20. Agreement to these Regulations

20.1 By signing the Exhibit Application form, the exhibitor is deemed to have accepted all provisions stated in the IREX and all other relevant regulations applicable for Cape Town 2021.
20.2 Picture Postcards and digital Literature classes are, at the time of this IREX, experimental FIP classes. The organisers will use current best practice for judging exhibits in these classes.

21. Contact Addresses

21.1 The Organisers
Emil Buhrmann: Chairman emil@buhrmannonline.com
Emil Minnaar: Commissioner General emil@minnaar.org
Andrea Koeries: Admin admin@ct2021.co.za
Website: https://capetown20021.org
21.2 FIP Consultant
Bernard Beston: bernardbeston@gmail.com


Key Milestone Dates
02 December 2018 Patronage granted by the FIP at its Congress in Bangkok
15 August 2020 Entry forms must be received by the National Commissioners for all classes other than literature
30 August 2020 National Commissioners to send applications to Commissioner General
30 September 2020 Acceptance advised to National Commissioners
30 September 2020 Invoices to be sent to National Commissioners for frame fees
30 October 2020 Payment of invoices due
30 October 2020 National Commissioner to confirm exhibitors’ participation
30 October 2020 Jury Selection
15 December 2020 Last date for guaranteed circulation of revised front pages to jury
30 November 2020 Judging schema for digital literature to be confirmed
31 October 2020 Entry forms must be received by the national Commissioners for any additional Literature applications (to be forwarded immediately)
1 February 2021 Last date for receipt of Literature exhibits
17 March 2021 Exhibition opens
20 March 2021 Exhibition closes

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Pay by EFT in South African Rand. Our banking details are: